The Power of Y.O.U. and Lessons From Our Family Cold Plunge 

As a Leadership and Career/Life Coach and lifelong learner dedicated to guiding individuals toward holistic well-being, I motivate my clients to step out of their comfort zone. Ultimately, they challenge themselves to experience work and/or life in new and invigorating ways.  I encourage you to reflect on your past year and ask yourself, “What was…

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The Power of Y.O.U. and Befriending the Office Suck Up

3 women at a conference room table - one of them is smiling

Power Quote of the Month “You Catch More Bees with Honey Than Vinegar” by Giovanni Torriano  To get ahead at work, position yourself as an “influencer”. Having the boss’s ear along with other higher-ups will earn you this reputation. So how exactly do you do this?  Take some cues from the office suck-up. While most…

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