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Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

Leadership and Executive Development Coaching enhances the learning opportunities of both Leaders and their teams, on organizational and individual levels, facilitating the mastery of competencies critical to success.

- Nancy Friedberg

Leadership Assessment and Executive Development

Executive Coaching has been around as long as Nancy Friedberg has been providing coaching to hi potentials and senior level executives with Fortune 200 and 500 companies starting back in 1990. Nancy has established a long track record with success leaders to improve and sustain their leadership behavior using a 360 degree feedback and development planning process to address real time challenges in their organizations.

Now Nancy is taking her Executive Coaching skills and her clients to the next level as a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is similar to and unique from many coaching methodologies. Like most coaching efforts, the leader commits to making real changes with 1 to 2 development goal(s) that yield positive results for his/her superiors, staff, peers and clients.

Where stakeholder centered coaching is unique and provides compelling value is that the attention and focus of the leader’s development plan is placed on his/her stakeholders’ suggestions. These are individuals who are both affected by the leader’s behavior and are clear beneficiaries of the leader’s improved behavior changes. The stakeholders are recruited to play an integral and valued role in the leader’s change process. The stakeholders also play an active role in evaluating the leader’s progress briefly on a monthly basis, and as judged by a mini survey process conducted on a semi – annual basis.

The final key differentiator is that Career Leverage, Inc.  only gets paid if the Leader achieves measurable results after the one year engagement!

Succession Planning

Behavior Change

Measurable Performance

Enjoy Marshall explaining the 7 steps in the powerful Stakeholder Centered coaching process.


Succession Planning

The assessment of hi potential and current leaders to advance the organization’s mission and performance into the future.

Behavior Change

Leadership Assessment is performed using a 360 Degree Feedback process along with Marshsall Goldsmith’s feedforward process. Extraordinary change happens, one behavior at a time.

Measurable Performance

Stakeholders provide suggestions on new behaviors for the leader to adopt in the future. Stakeholders evaluate the leader’s behavior change and the results are captured on a mini survey given 2 to 3 times per year.


Executive Coaching services provided by Career Leverage will maximize the return on investment, made by the Sponsoring organization, with respect to the Executive being coached, his/her team, and his/her key stakeholders. 

Our highest priority for our clients is to focus on the business imperative for coaching and producing high-impact results. Total commitment and support of the Executive's future development is consistently provided.

Success Stories

Steven Cohen

Steven C. Cohen

My company hired Nancy as my Executive Coach. She was very helpful and insightful in guiding me to improve my work with colleagues and clients. She is astute and sensitive, able to address difficult subjects supportively with clear steps to overcome challenges. She gave me useful perspectives that helped me see things differently and provided concrete actions and approaches to help me solve difficult problems. I found her work so…

Shari Krikorian

Shari Krikorian

Nancy Friedberg is a terrific executive coach. I was recognized as a high potential performer at my company and was provided with the investment dollars to work with Nancy on a six month executive coaching assignment. During that time, we developed an action plan that heightened my visibility within the organization and increased my executive presence. I am delighted by the swift results and really feel that Nancy has helped…

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