Nancy Friedberg – Master Coach, Leadership, Career and Life

Everyone has their life story. We are all the same in that we have our triumphs and tribulations – some more severe than others.  I love what I do because I’m fascinated by each person’s unique story, how they became who they are today and who they want to become moving forward.

Here’s my story.

My work as a Master Coach, guiding others through challenging Leadership, Career and Life transitions has been defined by my own life story.

Since I can remember, I was my Daddy’s little girl. I adored my dad as much as any daughter could. Every day before going to school, we had our special breakfast moments, enjoying the conversation, warmth, and love we shared. He always let me know I was the apple of his eye. One day, this wonderful routine came to an end.

Nancy Friedberg

It was March 19, 1974 at 9:30 am. My dad and I had finished our daily breakfast by 8:30 am. I was in 6th grade science lab when I was abruptly called out of class by the principal’s office. He told me that something had happened to my father and my uncle would pick me up shortly to take me home.

I was panicked and confused not knowing what was going on. When I arrived home my mother was standing in the corner behind the door with her eyes covered, sobbing hysterically and saying repeatedly “This is all just a bad dream”. I quickly learned from my uncle that my father had a heart attack that morning which took his life in the blink of an eye. My life as I once knew it would never be the same. This traumatic loss at age 11, shaped my path into the future.

As time passed, I learned how to be resilient and transition through even the most challenging of times. My mom taught me to find the silver lining in the darkest of moments. She was a positive role model. As a teen, I became a volunteer, a leader and inspiration for other kids. I started facilitating and participating in support groups for kids in grief. We worked hard as a community to improve our health on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. I made it my mission to mobilize myself and others during critical transitions. I became stronger and found my purpose.

I quickly realized I could use these experiences for my personal transformation. It became clear what I needed to do with my life. I was fortunate to identify my calling at a young age.

I completed my studies in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Columbia University where I graduated with a master’s degree at the age of 22. I moved right into my corporate career employed by 3 different Fortune 500 companies where I worked for over a decade in Human Resources and Talent Development. I created and launched career mobility programs, developed high potential leaders and continued to leverage my strengths while making a positive impact on the professional lives of employees. By my early 30’s I left my Corporate Career to fulfill my dream of starting my own leadership and career coaching business. This move, now 25 years ago, clearly made me one of the earliest pioneers in the coaching field. My clients now inspire me every day with their enormous success in achieving the stretch goals we set together. I am blessed with the gift of coaching clients at every stage of their life and career.

My mission and passion project is to successfully guide others in forging their own unique paths while enjoying satisfying work and serving others. My father’s early death taught me about compassion, courage, resilience and humility. It has educated me about change, loss, transformation and adventure. At various times, I can still feel the deep absence of my dad during each milestone event in my life - yet with my enthusiasm and zest for life, I remain a champion for helping others transcend their own challenges.

I’m the right coach for individuals who want to grow, successful and aspiring leaders, and accomplished individual contributors, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants and committed to creating a satisfying life in spite of their setbacks. In our work together each of my client identifies his/her select signature strengths through the lens of their own life story that allows them to make their imprint on the world.

After all, it is through our own unique life stories that we can leverage what we learn and pay it forward. And by so doing, one will be guaranteed a rich life.

Nancy Friedberg is a Master Coach and President of Career Leverage, Inc., a national consulting firm she founded specializing in Leadership Development and Career Management. Career Leverage, Inc. is committed to changing people’s lives for the better at every stage, from launching their first career to pre/post-retirement. Nancy’s clients have consistently sought her out to gain  clarity in what they want, the courage and inspiration to go after it and the tools for making it happen with greater ease, focus, and discipline. Whether a client works with Nancy, one on one, or as part of her Mastermind Accountability Groups, their results consistently produced the personal transformation and sustained behavior changes they desired.  For the past 27 years as Coach, Nancy has provided over 25,000 hours of individual Leadership and/or Career Coaching for over 1500 clients covering 50 professions and ten industries. What distinguishes Nancy from other Executive Coaches is her razor sharp insights and astute diagnostic skills enabling clients to get to the root of their blind spots quickly. Once these blind spots are clearly identified, Nancy’s clients have enjoyed the freedom to choose what they desire to change and with her coaching, act upon it with full accountability. Empowering her clients at every stage of life to achieve their fullest potential is Nancy’s mission.

Prior to establishing her Coaching and Consulting practice, Nancy established her corporate track record in Senior Human Resources Specialist and Management roles with three Fortune 500 companies including R.R. Donnelley and Sons, Co., Continental Insurance Company and Lehman Brothers.  Her role in directing a fast track, hi-potential program for the Chairman’s office of a major Insurance company led to the program winning the prestigious Catalyst Award for the advancement of women leaders along with American Airlines and Hewlett Packard. Over the course of her career, she has built a reputation for being a trailblazer for designing and implementing innovative programs around Leadership Assessment, 360’s, Performance Management, Behavioral Interviews, Peak Performance, Career Mobility, and Talent Development.

Nancy has been invited to speak on her Leadership Development and Career Management expertise on TV, radio and other professional forums. She’s appeared on Good Day New York, CNBC, CNNFN, Fox News, Geraldo Rivera, and Oprah Winfrey. She has been interviewed for major publications such as The New York Times, Fortune and, Real Simple, New York Newsday, Mademoiselle, and Black Enterprise.

Nancy is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and a Certified Now What? Facilitator and is certified in several other assessment instruments.  She holds a Master of Arts in Industrial /Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from George Washington University.

Nancy and her husband Bruce have 2 sons and live in NYC.