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Mastermind Accountability Groups A Strategy for Coaching Success!

Mission & Goals

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Our Mission

To build a community of Mastermind Accountability Group Members. Participants act as catalysts for growth, sounding boards, and motivational boosters and provide genuine support and accountability toward helping everyone achieve their personal vision and self directed goals.

Our Goal

The Mastermind Accountability Group is designed to maximize performance – and that’s not for everybody! Our goal is for participants to supportively challenge each other to attain tangible mental, emotional and financial results, allowing them to serve their clients better.

Success Stories

Margaret Trombly

“I cannot recommend the Now What? Mastermind Accountability Group, led by Career Coach, Nancy Friedberg, highly enough. It came my way just after the loss of the Curator position I successfully held for over three decades. Nancy and the Now What? Mastermind Accountability Group were a bulwark as I navigated…

Elizabeth Fidoten

“Nancy’s Peak Performance Mastermind Accountability Group has inspired me to transcend my mid life crisis and galvanized me to accomplish long cherished goals. I came into the group feeling like the best part of my life was behind me, and now I know that I’ve only just begun! I made…

Alexandra Paul

As leader of the Peak Performance Mastermind Group for Women, Nancy is a skilled, compassionate and inspiring motivator. She has pushed all of the women in the group to make and meet new goals and strive to achieve new heights in their professional and personal lives. With effortless grace, she…

Meet Our Coaches

Magnify Your Strenths

Nancy Friedberg

Nancy Friedberg

Founder of the Mastermind Accountability Groups (MAG) Model  and Co – Founder and Facilitator of SCC MAG and MOJO MAG

Nancy is the President and Master Coach of Career Leverage, Inc., based in New York City. She’s a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach and holds a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University.  She lives in the City with her family and also volunteers as a Certified Pet Therapist with her Cockapoo “Scooter.”  To learn more about Nancy click here.

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor

Co – Founder and Facilitator, SCC MAG

Andy is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Certified Coach and member of Marshall’s Inner Team of North America.  He’s in charge of administrating, marketing and co-facilitating the SCC Online Certification Trainings.  He has a master’s degree from Boston College, lives with his family in the wonderful town of Corning, NY and loves to fly kites!  To learn more about Andy click here.

Jessica Shweky

Jessica Shweky

Co – Founder and Facilitator of MOJO MAG

Jessica is the President of ShwekWorks, Inc., a marketing consultancy that specializes in health, fitness and wellness industry. She earned her ​B.A.​ in ​Psychology from the University of Rochester​. She is currently training to become a ​Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) and is a certified indoor cycling spin instructor at Equinox, New York Health & Racquet and New York Sports Club. On weekends, Jessica looks forward to long runs in Central Park and is proud to have recently crossed the finish line of her 12th marathon. With her optimistic spirit, her mojo is sure to inspire you!

Learn more about Jessica.