The Power of Y.O.U. and Befriending the Office Suck Up

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Power Quote of the Month “You Catch More Bees with Honey Than Vinegar” by Giovanni Torriano  To get ahead at work, position yourself as an “influencer”. Having the boss’s ear along with other higher-ups will earn you this reputation. So how exactly do you do this?  Take some cues from the office suck-up. While most…

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The Power of Y.O.U. and Quiet Quitting: Part 1

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Power Quote of the Month “The gift of willingness is the only thing that stands between the quiet desperation of a disingenuous life and the actualization of unexpressed potential” Jim McDonald “Quiet Quitting” is a newly minted term coined by Zaid Kahn, a 24-year-old engineer in New York City whose TikTok video on the topic…

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The Power of Y.O.U. and Weighing your Career Moves

Power Quote of the Month “A leap of faith is the crucial step towards inspired possibility” Nancy Friedberg  It’s fairly common to experience a few different jobs and even careers until you’ve landed on one that satisfies your ambitions and passions. The evidence for this has proven true for my clients over the past 3…

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The Power of Y.O.U. and Strategies for Recovering from Burnout

We’re living in an age of perpetual motion and heightened anxiety—so much so, that we forget to take a moment to press the pause button, collect ourselves, and breathe. Proof is everywhere. While recently purchasing an Apple watch as a gift for my husband, I discovered the Apple health app called BREATHE.  This genius app…

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The Power of Y.O.U. and Getting Paid What You’re Worth

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The dreaded salary question: it’s a request many tend to feel pressure to answer early on in the game of negotiation. The result? Career Confucius says, “he who speaks about money first loses!” Compensation negotiation is a learned skill and when artfully handled from a position of knowledge and strength, it can help you earn…

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