Wendy Ball

Wendy Ball, MSLIS, CKM

Research Manager at Ask Research Service

When I first came to Nancy, I was dissatisfied with the lack of recognition I was receiving in terms of advancement. I put in extensive hours at the office and knew the quality of my work was outstanding but something was missing. I decided to hire Nancy to help me overcome this roadblock. We developed a stakeholder plan of all the “influencers” that had the decision making power to steer me in a new direction. I gained the visibility required to showcase my talents to other senior members in my group. By the following year I was promoted to VP of Marketing and Digital Services at Time Inc. A few years later, I wanted to develop another strategy for planning my retirement from the company on my terms. Still feeling a lack of balance in my life, I envisioned my last act working in semi – retirement in a job that was less stressful while still enjoying learning something new. However, I wasn’t sure what that would be. I called Nancy and re- engaged her coaching services again. Through our career assessment work together, I decided I wanted to move into the information services industry leveraging my advertising expertise. No stranger to hard work, I kept my full time job, while earning my master’s degree in library science in the evenings.  I knew this was manageable as long as I had a few years to slowly get it done! Within 5 years time, I retired from Time Inc. and met all the financial and career goals I had set for myself. With Nancy’s coaching, I landed a job as a Research Manager at ASK Research Service, an association of national advertisers and enjoyed a better quality of life. 

Nancy’s approach is PURPOSE – not just career oriented. She gets you to dig deep to excavate your “Now What?” when you are at a crossroads. And until you do, she offers shrewd and savvy insights for navigating the present. She possesses an extraordinary level of commitment, integrity, care and skill to help you achieve your goals.