Rose Swan

Rose Swan

Founder and Executive Director Senate President’s Forum

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with Nancy on separate occasions, all for different reasons.  Five years after starting a consulting business, the work became stagnant, and I was struggling with the lack of growth.  Working with her for a few months, she coached and guided me on how to hire an assistant who is still with me 22 years later.  Hiring my Assistant made a dramatic impact as this move freed me up to be fully present and even more able to pay attention to servicing my clients’ needs.  Within the year of meeting Nancy, my income tripled. 

Most recently, I called upon Nancy again last year when life and work threw me off center.   Now approaching the end of my career, thinking about retirement and moving onto the next adventures life has to offer, we worked to put a year succession plan in place that I am comfortable with. I have begun to execute on this plan and the process is going better than I had imagined.

In addition to wanting to make a dramatic life change after a successful career, Nancy also helped me overcome some personal issues that were standing in the way of moving forward with my life in the way I want to lead it.  I’m making time for myself to do the creative work I love and all the things that bring me pleasure.

Things don’t happen overnight and sometimes the work was hard, but the process was steady and sure.  The integrity Nancy has employed in her work with me, her “having my back”, her interest and encouragement in having me do the work that leads to success, and her brutal supportive honesty, only made me trust her, and the process, completely.  We both did the hard work to see things through.   I look forward to the next time. “