“Nancy is an outstanding Executive Coach who has added tremendous value and plenty of ideas to both my business and personal life. I had the pleasure of working with her as my Executive Coach for nearly a year and was amazed by the positive impact she had on my professional success. Nancy performed a detailed analysis of my personality, leadership style, and my emotional intelligence (EQ), which enabled her to tailor the coaching program to my specific needs. With her help, I was able to build on my strengths and improve in areas I had conveniently neglected in recent years. While I strictly believe that one should never expect anyone but themselves to become a better person, I can honestly say that Nancy enabled me to grow as a leader and an individual. She is a great listener and always incorporated challenges I was facing at the time into her coaching program. Any organization that engages her services will be making a smart investment in retaining and growing its executive leadership. I highly recommend Nancy and look forward to working with her over the course of my career – as my own coach and someone I hire to work with my most valuable employees.”