Lilly Kaplan

Management Professional

I began my work with Nancy soon after leaving a job that had damaged my confidence and left me confused about my life’s path. Nancy’s guidance through the Now What? Program not only restored my confidence in my own skills and experiences, but gave me practical tools to restore my sense of adventure and creativity as I began to explore a new career. Through analyzing my favorite personal and professional achievements, brainstorming my purpose, and naming my key values and motivators, I rediscovered how to define myself in my own terms as opposed to what I had been told in the past. Nancy is a highly empathetic coach who acknowledged my whole personhood and consistently challenged me to go deeper and lean on my support networks for sustainable success. Thanks to her help, I was admitted to the MSW Program at Columbia University. Now, two years later, I am a MSW graduate and am newly employed as a full  time psychotherapist in a private practice. I loved my Master’s Program and am finding fulfillment and pride in my work for the first time. I often still think of my work with Nancy and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I highly recommend working with Nancy to make meaningful change feel possible.