“My experience working with Nancy on the Now What? program was life-changing. With her guidance, what started as a career shift ultimately turned into a lifestyle transformation which has brought me a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment and all around happiness. When I started working with Nancy, her process helped me recognize my energy levels hit a wall and I needed to pause and give myself a break to get back to being my creative, excited and fun self which had gotten lost in the daily grind. With her encouragement, I asked my employer for an approved 3-month sabbatical, which I was granted. This marked the beginning of my personal development journey that brought me where I am now, living a full and balanced life. Because of the lifestyle changes I’ve designed with Nancy’s coaching, I am now a fresher version of myself- happier, more focused and productive professionally and have found more time and energy to allocate towards my personal passions. I went from feeling burned out in my stable agency job to rediscovering the joy in my professional work by starting my own business as a marketing/experiential consultant specializing in Health and Wellness, with more time for fun and self care. Nancy constantly pushed me to dig deep which ultimately helped me discover my true purpose in life. This purpose drove me to make these changes and get the energy boost I so desperately needed. In our work together, Nancy also provided useful guidance in other areas of my transition including finding outlets to develop my untapped potential (I took improv classes and joined Toastmasters which I love and am currently obtaining certification to be an indoor cycle instructor), building presentations for potential clients, and networking and defining my competitive fair market value for the worth I bring to my clients. Working with Nancy means committing to make an investment in yourself. For me, this investment was one of the best I’ve made, yielding high results which has allowed me to thrive in all areas of my life!”