Jarrett Greben

Jarett Greben

Wealth Management Associate - VEA at Morgan Stanley

I believe that the “Now What?” Career Coaching program Nancy uses is a process everyone should go through regardless of where they are in their career. I believe it’s like career therapy, and as holds true with therapy in general, if you are looking to better yourself academically, professionally, and/or socially, the “Now What?” process digs deep into helping you find who you are, what drives you, and what people and resources you should surround yourself with for optimal success.

Nancy has been an incredible mentor to me. The way she structures the program really pushes you to deconstruct and define what makes you “you” while providing a new framework for creating success in your career and life.

Specifically, two assessment exercises that had a profound impact on me include “Reframing Limiting Beliefs into New Possibilities” and “Analyzing Your Life Story to Provide Clues for Identifying Your New Direction.” These tools helped me analyze data points about my unique strengths, innate talents and how to remove those barriers standing in my way. I viewed the methodology as a science. Using all this information and evidence helped me build invaluable resources—such as my two-minute pitches and STAR success stories—which I leverage during the networking and interview process.

As a result of this work, I’ve pivoted to a new career path and joined Morgan Stanley as a Wealth Management Associate.