Aimee Falchuk

Aimee Falchuk, MPH, M.Ed.

Emergency Services Clinician/Private Practice/Founder The Falchuk Group

I found Nancy through a friend who swore by Nancy’s innate ability to support people on their path, particularly those seeking meaningful change. Nancy supported me as I left a corporate career and took the risk to start over and follow my passion of helping others. Nancy’s knowledge of Now What and her amazing intuition and emphasis on being present with the client and empowering them through their own strengths makes her a unique gem amongst a large field of coaches. Nancy helped me make that transition with a sense of optimism and adventure and guided me through the practical realities of changing paths. She embodies the best mixture of intuition, integrity, compassion and smarts, not to mention a constant source of support, which was exactly what I needed in order to make the move from the ‘stability’ of corporate life to the temporary ‘instability’ of following one’s heart . If you are on a path of self discovery or sense you long to be on one, I would absolutely send you Nancy’s way.