Career Transition Phases

Assessment & Targets Identify your key signature strengths and core values:

This phase takes from 4 to 8 sessions.

Together we will select new career targets based on a customized career assessment you complete. Using the innovative Now What? methodology for navigating transitions, we will ensure that who you are aligns with what you do.

Your work and the impact you’d like to have will be defined and implemented.

As a result, together we will:

Define the satisfying and dissatisfying aspects of your work and your work related values.

Build a strategy for your professional future with clues from your life story

Overcome your limiting beliefs, reframe negative thinking into productive thinking and create new possibilities and action steps for the future.

Uncover your life purpose and construct your professional legacy within your industry

Strategy & Branding Create a Personal Marketing Plan to take your professional profile to the right companies at the right time.

This phase usually takes between 6 and 12 sessions

We will define your go-to-market strategy that will drive the execution of your job search or client business development plan. You will be skilled to lead by listening to the needs of the organization and by selling your knowledge, skills and experiences as solutions to address those needs.

In your coaching you will:

Learn how to effectively use advanced networking techniques and build a powerful network of contacts

Learn behavioral interview methods and create STAR success stories

Build your resume and LinkedIn profile that showcases your personal brand

Find how to highlight your key strengths to be relevant in any job interview or client prospecting meeting.

Create a hypnotic 2-minute ‘elevator’ pitch - a unique selling position

Devise a post interview strategy that will turn interviews into offers or client proposals into engagements.

Salary Negotiations Let’s face it: Good negotiators are skilled and savvy. They know their worth and how to command it. If negotiating doesn’t come naturally to you, you can learn to be artful. 

This phase usually takes between 1 and 2 sessions. 

Interviewers respect an intelligent negotiator.

In this coaching phase, you will learn Career Leverage’s 5 step salary negotiation method. It’s time tested and it works.

Here’s some strategies we will also cover:

Picking your battle and knowing which battles you can win - you can negotiate most things but not always.

Writing your salary negotiation script and role playing your negotiation from beginning to end.

Do your research to determine your worth and competitive fair market value so you can set your negotiation goals.

Negotiating is not a win/lose situation. It needs be an win/win if done right.